SOHO PBX Consulting is a long time authorized U.S. based distributor for Talkswitch IP PBX, Grandstream GXP-2000 IP phones, On Hold Plus Music on Hold Players, SBC Phones, and small business phone systems. Recently, SOHO PBX Consulting has become part of Varscape.

If you are an end user or consumer looking to purchase a Talkswitch (or other) phone system for your use, please call us at 1-866-818-3202. We can refer you to a reputable certified dealer.

Our new integration with Varscape has allowed us to expand our product line and provide better services. Varscape is a specialty value-added distributor, providing resellers and VARs with a broad range of telephony solutions for the small to midsize business (SMB) market. These include analog, hybrid, digital and VoIP telephony products, components, accessories, and integrated solutions. Our selection of products and solutions will enable you to provide your customers with the most powerful, flexible, and economical communications solutions.

SOHO PBX Consulting’s flagship product has always been the Talkswitch IP PBX. With over 30 years combined experience in Telephony, we have a lot to offer our resellers. We also sell may other phone systems, from small to large.

Why you should sell Talkswitch IP PBX Systems

Talkswitch IP PBX small business phone systems are a good fit for many phone system dealers, and, other types of dealers. Below is a partial list of reasons why you might want to resell Talkswitch IP PBX systems:

  • The Talkswitch IP PBX is a product that can be maintained and easily learned by the customer if they wish. This can free you from repeated small service calls, and, allow you to focus on selling more product. The Talkswitch IP PBX is owner-friendly™ and vendor-friendly™.
  • The Talkswitch IP PBX can be remotely supported. If you open up a TCP port on the Talkswitch IP PBX, you can connect to it from your own office and manage it if necessary. This can be a big time savings.
  • If you are a computer and network oriented business or consultant, you are perfect for also reselling the Talkswitch IP PBX! Many dealers are in the same business. Typically, your customers are smaller businesses, and, often, they do like to stick with one vendor where possible. This provides you with increased time at the customer site and more revenue. You will find it very easy to learn the product.
  • Learning time for the dealer is much less than with most any other phone system.
  • Talkswitch IP PBX Systems, when leased, competes very favorably with hosted or virtual PBX systems.
  • THe Talkswitch IP PBX does VOIP (IP Telephony) and analog (Analog Telephony) phone service. It works with several T-1 providers.
  • Use tools such as the attendant console, various contact management software, or softphones to provide Computer Telephony Integration.
  • The Talkswitch IP PBX is multi language, supporting French, English, and Spanish. Prompts can be in any language, including system prompts. Language can be changed by extension.
  • The Talkswitch IP PBX is a simple, all in one box. There are no moving parts, very little to break, unline more traditional card oriented phone systems or the do it yourself style phone systems. One very small box can support up to 12 phone lines, and, 16 extensions! And the Talkswitch IP PBX can be easily expanded, all the way up to 48 phone lines and 64 extensions.
  • The Talkswitch IP PBX can use analog or IP phones. Many times, customers appreciate the ability to use their existing phones.
  • The Talkswitch IP PBX is very feature rich. The system functions as well or better than most larger systems. Talkswitch can function as a PBX system, the normal mode, or, as more of a key system with line appearance, queue appearance, and extension appearances.
  • The Talkswitch IP PBX can handle chain stores or multi office businesses. The Talkswitch IP PBX can be sold into a chain store environment and allow each store to communicate with each other over VOIP with no service provider, freeing up their phone lines for use with real customers.
  • The Talkswitch can often be used to eliminate a dedicated fax line, saving the customer money. This is always important to any smaller business.
  • Talkswitch IP PBX is perfect for Teleworkers. A worker at home using an IP phone is a local extension on a Talkswitch IP PBX system and functions just as if they were in the office.
  • Unified communications, fax, email, voice.
  • Talkswitch IP PBX systems can grow as the customer grows. This means the customer may have a lower up front cost.
  • The Talkswitch IP PBX is good at keeping employees in touch when they are not physically in the office. Using phone company services such as transfer and clear, a service oriented company or real estate office, which has employees who are rarely in the office, can be supported with only a couple of phone lines.
  • Auto attendant and integrated message on hold capability (no extra box needed) provide a more professional, larger company image to the smaller business.